Betonica is my personal project, which I have been doing so far. This idea came up to my mind long time ago, just because I adore everything related to interior design, especially minimal interiors with concrete elements. Betonica is the connection between concrete (srb. beton) and Botanics, manufacturing concrete pots for indoor plants. Perfect for interiors and workspaces. This web shop is something what helped me a lot, to make more control of my orders and to organise my business better. Betonica concrete pots are handcrafted with love and distributed to super awesome people! Visit Betonica web shop.



Jun 2016

Votecircle editorial

As a freelancer I took this job to help finishing Votecircle editorial page. It is a Wordpress blog, where I implemented few new features, and styled like it was passed in design files. This project was pretty urgent and I had to do this as soon as possible. Communication went well and I had no problems working with pressure. Everything was done on time, with all the revisions. You can see it live here.



Aug 2015

OSK Blog

While working at BLGRD, occasionally my job is to implement new client's requests. I have been maintaining this blog and implementing new features for a while, so I can only be happy to be a part of this big project and team. Most of the new features are Wordpress related, as well as restyling and adding new elements. Take a look at

OSK Germany

Front-end, Wordpress

2015 -

Homa restaurant

One of the best places to eat in Belgrade, Serbia. Enjoyable interior and food. We did a website for Homa, from design to coding using the Wordpress platform so they can easily manage their pages, menus and multi sites. A lot of custom fields and tricky design made this website challenging. Pretty clean! Check it out at


Front-end, Wordpress

Nov 2015


I was working with others at BLGRD agency, to make this site run smooth. After designer finished, I started implementing into Wordpress site, which was my first this big. It was a great experience and I gave my best to observe all requests. It is an interesting site, with a lot of photos of Norway. I enjoyed working on it! You can test it here -


Front-end, Wordpress

Feb 2015


After joining BLGRD Creative Agency, this was my first job. Once design was finished, getting website coded was my part. Using Bourbon SCSS framework and Neat grid, fully responsive website was done easily. Client satisfied! You can take a look at


Front-end developer

Dec 2014

+ another less interesting projects